Fitness and Weight Loss Coach

Following my passion for health and fitness, I became a certified personal trainer in 1998.... and that's when the education really began. Working with many, different people, I found that the textbook nutritional guidelines were really not effective for many of my clients to achieve a healthy weight. This was especially true if the person were obese or had another metabolic issue. As I began looking for alternative sources of information I found that the people who much of the fitness and nutrition industry considered to be "questionable", were actually getting results with their methods and had biological explanations for it.

I've had the great opportunity to work with one of the popular weight loss shows for two seasons, one for the entire season and the other for the last three months, (sorry, can't tell you which one) to help two participants lose approximately half of their body weight. These were not only incredible learning experiences but also very inspiring.

I was actually both frustrated and inspired. Frustrated by the false messages being sold to the public by the government and health authorities, as well as the food industry profiting from and perpetuating the misinformation, while we, as a nation, continue to get fatter and sicker. Inspired to explain the truth about our food and how our bodies work to whomever will listen in a clear and approachable way.