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  • “I spent a lot of time working with Zane during season 4 of abc’s Extreme Weight Loss. His knowledge and guidance helped me not only lose the weight, but also to tone up and hit my end goal for the finale. I recommend Zane to anybody who is ready to make a change!”

    Jayce Hein
  • The first thing you’ll realize when you begin working with Zane Griggs is his combination of compassion and professionalism. He is equal parts cheerleader, coach, and mentor. He has proven in my life there is a way to motivate and inspire someone to greatness without hard-core boot camp tactics or reality show histrionics. Understanding a person’s level of fitness from the beginning and working with them accordingly is a true talent of his; but it is not an easy session-the man puts you through your paces!
    But every single time I finish, I know I’ve given myself a tremendous gift. I’m amazed at how my levels of strength, flexibility and endurance have increased over the past 6 months. When I would get discouraged by the fact that the weight loss didn’t happen overnight-he would say to me, “First you get in shape; then you get a shape.” Fifteen pounds later, I now know that if I stay on this road, they will never come back! The cosmetic end of fitness is merely a sidebar to him. From the way you move to the how you fuel your body, Zane genuinely cares about the steps that are necessary to living a whole, healthy, and fit life. He was my friend before we began working out…now, he’s more like family.

    Marcia Ware
  • In March of 2011 I had a twelve, seven, five and 1 ½ year old. I was still nursing and probably was clinically obese. I needed energy, stamina and self-confidence. A personal trainer was the perfect option for me as I wouldn’t have to gather all my kids up and head to a gym nor would I have to feel humiliated. One problem; my trust issues. The effects of childhood abuse run long and hard and I struggled with trusting people. I also have allergy-induced asthma. Asthmatics have an always-underlying fear of having an asthma attack and not being taken seriously. What if a trainer pushed me too far? What if he doesn’t understand the seriousness of asthma? I made a phone call, in walks Zane Griggs. He knew as well as I that the way he looked at me the first time we met would have a tidal wave effect… and there was no judgment in his eyes.

    Fast-forward five years! Zane and I still workout together. He’s still my trainer and I plan to keep him as my trainer as long as he is willing. I’ve never desired to look like a super model. I just wanted energy. I wanted to live life to its fullest and enjoy my kids. That’s what I am able to do. I’m healthy (it’s an ongoing battle) and I’m able to retrieve balls when my son punts, dance with my daughters, practice softball with my other daughter, swim in our pool and I’m probably one of the strongest and most flexible almost 48 year old mommies you’ll meet. I’m an encouragement to my kids to never give up on taking care of yourself even if you are a full time mom of four kids, a great wife, and pursuing your doctorate (yes!) don’t let yourself go.

    Why Zane? Zane has never yelled at me to push myself (I’d probably slap him). He’s never belittled me. He has always encouraged, always believed, and always accommodated. I’m not perfect. I slip up with my diet but he picks me up, dusts me off and encourages me with real life options. When my asthma has me to the point of just trying to inhale my next breath he knows to grab my inhaler and not a stronger weight.

    God willing, I’ll always be a mom who can keep up and eventually a grandma who can play. Even after five years together we still have goals that aren’t met and goals that haven’t even been made. That’s exciting!

    Stacy Brickell