How many times have we heard that a calorie is a calorie? This is beyond an over simplification. It just isn’t true. Our bodies store and burn primarily two different types of fuel- fat and glycogen.  We have two different metabolic systems- aerobic, being fat burning and anaerobic which burns glycogen.

The metabolic and digestive systems are driven by hormones from the moment we feel hunger, through the burning and storage of fuel, to the hopeful feeling of satiety.  These hormones react differently to each of the macro-nutrients protein, fat and carbohydrates.  If we look at how just one hormone, oh….lets say….INSULIN reacts to 200 cal of steak vs. 200 cal of broccoli vs. 200 cal of cake vs. 200 cal of butter there is no way anyone can say that a calorie is a calorie.

The fact that insulin resistance is caused by eating too many calories of a particular type of food but not by eating too many calories of the other types of food is all the evidence we need to make this idea completely invalid.