We’ve all seen food with words like “all natural” or “low fat” across the label. Or maybe a picture of a green leaf or tree or some natural looking character like a bee or a smiling sun trying to tell us that this food is good for us.

However if you were to flip it over to read the ingredients label you might find high fructose corn syrup, soy, corn or wheat additives or something called hyrdolized soy protein (aka MSG) on the list. We all know that low fat or no fat processed foods often have sugar and other flavor enhancing ingredients added to make the fat stripped food taste better.

Usually the more healthy images you see on the front label, the more you’re being sold an idea contrary to what is actually in the ingredients. We have to flip the container over and read the ingredients list to really know what is going on in that food. There is no regulation on many of the phrases we see plastered on labels and manufacturers have the freedom to sell their food with whatever imagery they think will work.

Don’t be a victim.  Take a minute to flip the bottle over, read the label and make an informed choice.