Why Whole Grains Aren’t As Healthy As We’ve Been Told

We’ve heard for decades now how important “whole grains” are for our health.  We need the fiber and the B vitamins.  A major problem with that is that the wheat we’re eating now isn’t the same wheat that was available 100 years ago.  The wheat we eat now is a dwarf wheat with less fiber and more gluten.  Through hybridization,…

When Losing Weight, Beware of Eating Too Much Fruit

  While fruit is a nutritious food with many needed antioxidants, it is still a source of sugar and can limit weight loss.  Fruit contains both fructose and glucose in varying ratios depending on the fruit. Glucose is the primary sugar in starches like grains and potatoes and is the main source for glycogen for our muscles.  When muscle glycogen…

What’s The Story With Soy And Why Should We Avoid It?

For a few decades now, SOY has been considered a “health food” because of benefits to the heart and as a vegetarian protein source.  However, soy is also known to contain phyto estrogens which can act as endocrine disruptors and create imbalances in the body’s sex hormones. In my opinion, the health risks of disruption of testosterone and/or estrogen in…

Improve Aerobic Metabolism with Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting provides a longer fasted period during the day during which your body has to rely more on fat stores. This may take a couple weeks to get used to at first, but your body will get more efficient at releasing and using stored fat for fuel and will supply your energy needs until your first meal, usually around lunch time. Ideally you want to have about a 16 hour window from the last time you ate the day before until your first meal the next day.

Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised

Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised

We see a lot of farm raised fish in the grocery stores these days but if you are wanting the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids you won’t find them in these grain fed fish.  Grains contain primarily omega 6 fatty acids which are inflammatory, as opposed to anti-inflammatory omega 3’s.  Omega 3’s are found in the meat of fish that eat green food like kelp and seaweed, not corn.