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Free Daily Planner

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Would you like to download the one year daily planner to help you follow the plan in my book “Low Carb Lifestyle & Weight Loss Made Simple” for FREE?

Just click here , fill out the form and I’ll email the planner to you at no charge. Its a perpetual calendar so even if you’re starting in September, you will still have a full year of the planner to work with.

You can also purchase a spiral bound, printed copy of the daily planner at this link: Lulu.com.

If you would like to get a paperback copy of the book “Low Carb Lifestyle & Weight Loss Made Simple” you can find it at this link on Amazon.

We had amazing results in the Food Comes First weight loss Facebook group, which is my coaching program to provide support and accountability for following the plan in the book. If you would like to know more about it please reach out to me or visit the information group and request to join.

Weight Loss Group Starts Jan. 5th!!

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My Food Comes First weight loss group starts Saturday, January 5th and there is still time to join us.

The private Facebook group will follow the plan and use the daily planner in my book, “Low Carb Lifestyle & Weight Loss made simple. It will be 30 days of changing habits and creating accountability in a supportive group coaching environment.

The planner allows you to check off your food and activity choices for each day, helping you to track your progress. If you can check a box, you can follow this plan.

The plan and the planner pages for the 30 days are available in the files within the group and I will be providing coaching and answering questions on a daily basis. The cost of the 30 day group is $47.

If you would like more information about the weight loss group, please send an email to zane@zanegriggs.com.

Or you can sign up here: Food Comes First Weight Loss Group.

Do you have a few friends who would like to join you? Refer 3 friends who sign up for the group and once they have paid, I will refund your fee back to you.

Again, please let me know if you have any questions.

I Wrote A Book

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I finally did it.  I finally finished my first book, much of which had been sitting on my hard drive for almost two years.  Its called “Low Carb Lifestyle & Weight Loss Made Simple”.

One of the main reasons I hadn’t finished it was because I wanted to somehow make it different from all of the other low carb diet books already written. While the plan does have some aspects that make it different from most diets out there, it also has an interactive component to help the reader actually walk out the plan day by day.

The interactive component is a daily planner specific to following the plan that helps create some personal accountability and a sense of accomplishment. The planner pages consist of boxes for meals and activities with options for each because not every day is the same. If you can check a box, you can follow this plan. 

The plan portion of the book is fairly short -less than 70 pages- and easy to read. In addition to mapping out the eating plan I explain why it works and why other diets fail, as well as meal examples. Food choices are the primary focus and need to be established first, before any changes to activity or exercise levels are made because, as you may have experienced, you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

I am also offering group coaching to follow the plan in the book to help people put it into action. Its a 30 day focus on implementing the plan and tracking your progress in the planner for people who want to lose weight, hosted in a private Facebook group. If you would like to know more about the group, please email me at zane@zanegriggs.com.

You can purchase the book directly from the printer at this link: Low Carb Lifestyle & Weight Loss Made Simple