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When Losing Weight, Keep Lifting Weight

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Just because your goal is to lose weight, don’t think you avoid lifting weights. One of the greatest benefits of resistance training is insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity means that your muscles are receptive to insulin bringing fuel to be stored in the muscle- NO, this does not make you bulky. It actually provides energy for when you move those muscles.

The opposite of insulin sensitivity is insulin resistance which means that your muscles don’t respond to insulin so the fuel is diverted to your FAT CELLS for storage. Increased insulin resistance leads to, not only fat gain, but also diabetes.
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Improve Insulin Sensitivity with Resistance Training

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Insulin sensitivity is important to allow our bodies to store fuel in muscle cells- otherwise all fuel is shuttled to our fat cells to be stored as fat.  Resistance training is a great way to improve insulin sensitivity because it drains the glycogen stores in our muscles and creates a demand on our bodies to refuel them, either from the food that we eat or from fat cells.

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