Biovanta: The Next Generation Cold & Flu Remedy by Dr. Nazlie Latefi

In this episode, Zane Griggs talks with Dr. Nazlie Latefi, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Applied Biological Laboratories, about groundbreaking approaches to cold and flu relief. Discover the innovative OTC medication, Biovanta, designed with components of our immune system to offer a more effective solution against viruses. Learn how lifestyle choices and understanding inflammation can empower your immune function for optimal health.

Key Takeaways

  • Innovation in Cold and Flu Treatment: Biovanta, created by Dr. Latefi, offers a novel approach to alleviating symptoms using immune system components like lactoferrin and lysozyme, setting a new standard in OTC medications.
  • The Importance of Lifestyle Choices: The discussion highlights how our daily habits significantly impact our immune system’s effectiveness, emphasizing the power of proactive health management.
  • Understanding Inflammation’s Role: An insightful look into how inflammation affects our immune function, providing key strategies to maintain health and prevent illness effectively.


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Dr. Nazlie Latefi: Pioneering a New Era of Cold and Flu Relief

Dr. Nazlie Latefi, with her robust background in molecular biology and neuroscience, has led her team at Applied Biological Laboratories to develop Biovanta. This innovative medication is a leap forward in treating cold and flu symptoms, distinguishing itself from traditional OTC medications by its effectiveness and foundational science.

The Science Behind Biovanta: Lactoferrin and Lysozyme

Biovanta’s unique formula incorporates lactoferrin and lysozyme, natural components of the human immune system. These elements not only offer a barrier against viruses but also signify a shift towards treatments that align more closely with our body’s natural defenses, promising a more effective and holistic approach to cold and flu relief.

Lifestyle Choices and Immune System Strength

The podcast delves into the critical role lifestyle choices play in bolstering our immunity. From nutrition and exercise to stress management, adopting healthy habits is paramount in enhancing our body’s ability to fend off illnesses, highlighting the intersection of everyday choices and long-term health outcomes.

The Critical Role of Inflammation in Immunity

Dr. Latefi sheds light on the often-misunderstood concept of inflammation, elucidating its dual role as both a necessary response to infection and a potential risk when uncontrolled. Understanding this balance is key to managing health and preventing the escalation of common colds and flu into more severe health issues.

Connect and Learn More

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Episode Minute By Minute Recap:

  • 0:07  Meet Dr. Nazlie Latefi from Biovanta! What led her to help defeat the common cold 
  • 6:02   Dr. Nazlie Latefi findings on what over-the-counter drugs are really doing to our bodies 
  • 17:00 A better understanding of your immune system and how to strengthen your productive barrier 
  • 24:21 How food and lifestyle choices can help your immune system 
  • 28:00 The comment in honey that helps fight the virus and how to get more of it
  • 32:10 If you want to rebuild your immune system, focus on healing and strengthening your repair pathways. 
  • 38:01 How to learn more from Dr. Nazlie Latefi and find her natural medication

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