Managing Stress With Cold Plunge Therapy & The Journey with Wyatt Ewing, the Creator of Ice Barrel

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but how we manage it can make all the difference. In this week’s episode of Healthy AF, host Zane has an insightful conversation with Wyatt Ewing, the creator of Ice Barrel, exploring the rejuvenating world of cold plunge therapy.

Key Highlights:

  • Exploring the Benefits: Discover the transformative effects of cold therapy on stress management, mental clarity, and overall well-being.
  • Innovative Design: Learn about the unique features of Ice Barrel, designed with user accessibility and environmental sustainability in mind.
  • Future Prospects: Get a sneak peek into the upcoming innovations and enhancements planned for Ice Barrel.
  • Wyatt’s Personal Journey: Hear Wyatt’s inspiring story of overcoming the challenges in his high-stress sales career and taking the bold step to start Ice Barrel.

Connect with Wyatt Ewing:

Hit play to dive into this captivating conversation and uncover the secrets of managing stress through cold plunge therapy with Wyatt Ewing!

The Power of Cold Therapy: Cold plunge therapy has been gaining momentum for its remarkable benefits in stress reduction, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Wyatt delves into how this ancient practice has made a modern comeback, helping individuals find their center and enhance their health.

Designing for Accessibility and Sustainability: Ice Barrel stands out in its field, thanks to its user-friendly design and commitment to sustainability. Wyatt shares the thought process behind creating a product that is not just effective but also accessible and kind to our planet.

Innovating for the Future: The journey doesn’t stop here. Wyatt gives us a glimpse into the future of Ice Barrel, discussing upcoming innovations and enhancements aimed at improving user experience and maximizing benefits.

From Stress to Success: Wyatt’s personal journey is nothing short of inspiring. He opens up about his transition from a high-stress sales career to embarking on the entrepreneurial path with Ice Barrel, showcasing resilience and the power of taking control of one’s well-being.


This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to explore alternative methods of stress management and gain insights into the entrepreneurial spirit. Wyatt’s story and the benefits of cold plunge therapy serve as a testament to the power of taking a leap of faith in pursuit of health and happiness.

Episode Minute By Minute Recap:

0:07 Meet Wyatt Ewing: Dive into the world of Ice Barrel with its creator, Wyatt Ewing, and learn about his journey and the philosophy behind this innovative product.

1:30 The Multifaceted Benefits of Cold Plunge Therapy: Discover the wide array of benefits that cold plunging and ice baths offer, from mental clarity to physical rejuvenation.

4:00 Wyatt’s Personal Triumph: Hear Wyatt’s personal story on how ice baths played a crucial role in his battle against anxiety and depression, providing a source of strength and resilience.

7:10 Understanding Brown Fat and Ice Therapy: Learn about the fascinating ways in which ice therapy interacts with brown fat in the body, contributing to improved metabolism and overall health.

8:54 Relief for Joint Pain: Explore how cold plunge therapy can be a game-changer for those dealing with joint pain, offering relief and improved mobility.

11:47 The Unique Power of Ice Barrel: Discover what sets Wyatt’s Ice Barrel apart from other products in the market, and why it’s a preferred choice for many.

14:30 Exciting Innovations Ahead: Take a sneak peek into the future with Wyatt as he shares insights on new products and enhancements coming from Ice Barrel.

21:28 From Stress to Success: Uncover the compelling story of Wyatt’s transition from a high-stress sales career to creating Ice Barrel, and how this journey shaped the product and the brand.

28:30 Pandemic Challenges Turned Opportunities: Learn how the pandemic, while challenging, ultimately played a role in benefiting Wyatt’s company and contributing to its growth.

32:27 Overcoming Industry Resistance: Hear about the initial resistance Wyatt faced in the early days of his business, and how he navigated these challenges to establish Ice Barrel in the industry.

38:16 Getting Started with Cold Therapy: Wyatt provides general guidelines and helpful tips for those looking to embark on their cold therapy journey, ensuring a safe and effective experience.

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