The Art of Cooking Without Seed Oils: Tips from Cassidyy Atkins from Cook With Real Food

Want to be Healthy Af? Cook With Real Food! In this inspiring episode of Healthy AF, join Zane as he sits down with Cassidyy Atkins, the creative force behind the NEW Cook With Real Food brand!

Cassidyy shares her unexpected journey of discovering a passion for exceptional cuisine and healthy cooking. Listen in as they delve into:

  • 🍴 Cassidyy’s Hidden Passion: Uncovering Cassidyy’s deep-rooted love for high-quality food and her culinary journey.
  • 🌿 Health Insights: How Cassidyy knowledge broadened through Zane’s podcast and understanding of whole food nutrition.
  • 📖 Cook With Real Food Cookbook: The creation process behind Cassidyy’s cookbook that’s transforming kitchens everywhere.

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Cassidyy’s Journey into Culinary Passion

Cassidyy’s story is one of discovery and passion. Initially unaware of her deep love for cooking, she embarked on a culinary adventure that led her to create not just dishes, but experiences. Her enthusiasm for quality, healthy food is contagious, and it’s a reminder of the simple joys of cooking.

A Discovery of Nutrient-Dense Foods

The episode takes an intriguing turn as Cassidyy recounts how she and her husband, inspired by their travels, would recreate dishes from around the world in their home kitchen. It was through these experiments and listening to Zane’s insights on the podcast about nutrient-dense, animal-based foods that they realized the health benefits of their favorite cuisines​​.

Championing a Seed Oil-Free Lifestyle

Cassidyy passionately discusses the importance of living seed oil-free and ensuring adequate protein intake. Her extensive research into this lifestyle culminates in a special offer for our listeners: a free PDF guide on leading a seed oil-free life, emphasizing the ease and health benefits of this dietary choice​​. Download Now:

The Birth of ‘Cook With Real Food’

This project was born from Cassidyy’s whole food journey, intending to be the go-to resource for making real food and helping people eliminate seed oils from their diet. The ‘Cook With Real Food’ initiative includes a variety of formats – videos, podcasts, and a comprehensive cookbook​​.

Reinventing Favorite Dishes for Health

An important part of Cassidyy’s philosophy is transforming beloved dishes into healthier versions without compromising on taste. She emphasizes the use of bioavailable and nutrient-dense foods to create meals that are not only healthy but also delicious and family-friendly​​.

The Power of Simple Ingredients

Cassidyy shares a memorable dining experience, where each meal – comprising an appetizer, main course, and dessert – was crafted from simple, whole food ingredients. This experience highlighted the extraordinary potential of basic ingredients like butter and goat brie cheese when used with skillful cooking techniques

Episode Minute By Minute Recap:

  • 01:43 Cassidyy’s Early Passion for Cooking: Cassidyy shares her childhood experiences of cooking, revealing how she found joy in preparing dinner once a week, an activity that sparked her lifelong passion for cooking​​.
  • 03:40 Simple Ingredients in Cooking: Cassidyy recalls an amazing dining experience where simple ingredients were elevated to extraordinary levels, highlighting the impact of skillful cooking techniques​​.
  • 04:45 Insights on Nutrient-Dense Foods: Cassidyy discusses the discovery of nutrient-dense foods, influenced by her travels and Zane’s podcast, and the realization of the health benefits of animal-based protein​​.
  • 06:00 Creation of ‘Cook With Real Food’: Cassidyy describes the origin of her ‘Cook With Real Food’ project, including its various formats like videos, podcasts, and a cookbook, inspired by her journey into whole food cooking​​.
  • 09:41 Healthier Versions of Favorite Dishes: She emphasizes the importance of creating healthier versions of favorite dishes using bioavailable, nutrient-dense foods, ensuring they are both healthy and enjoyable​​.
  • 14:46 Seed Oil-Free Lifestyle: She talks about the importance of a seed oil-free lifestyle and the research she did to support this dietary choice, along with a special offer for a free PDF guide! 


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