Understanding Heart Disease & His Own Heart Attack with Dr. Stephen Hussey

Welcome to another episode of Healthy AF! In this episode, Zane sits down with Dr. Stephen Hussey, a renowned author and expert on heart health.

Episode Highlights:

  • Guest Introduction: Dr. Stephen Hussey, the author of “Understanding The Heart,” joins us for an insightful discussion.
  • A Personal Journey: Dr. Hussey shares his experience of suffering a heart attack, which he later included in the second edition of his book.
  • Health Paradox: Despite having healthy bloodwork numbers, Dr. Hussey believes stress was the primary cause of his heart attack.
  • Debunking Myths: We delve into the concept of ‘The Myth of the Vulnerable Plaque,’ exploring new perspectives on heart disease (Reference: NCBI Article).

LINKS: The Myth of the Vulnerable Plaque https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4344871/

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Dr. Stephen Hussey: A Journey of Discovery

Dr. Hussey, known for his book “Understanding The Heart,” shared how his personal encounter with a heart attack led to significant additions in the second edition of his work. This experience brought a new dimension to his understanding of heart health, especially considering his healthy bloodwork numbers prior to the incident.

The Stress Factor in Heart Health

One of the key takeaways from the interview was Dr. Hussey’s belief in the impact of stress on heart health. Despite his healthy lifestyle and optimal bloodwork results, he attributes stress as a crucial factor in his heart attack. This perspective challenges conventional views on heart disease and opens up a discussion about the role of mental and emotional well-being in overall heart health.

Debunking Heart Health Myths

Dr. Hussey and Zane also delved into the myth of the vulnerable plaque, discussing how traditional views on heart disease may not always hold true. They referenced the insightful article, “The Myth of the Vulnerable Plaque,” which you can read here.

Staying Connected and Informed

For those interested in following Dr. Hussey’s work, you can find him on Instagram @‌dr.stephenhussey and explore his resources at Resource Your Health. Additionally, Dr. Hussey introduced the Heart Sense App, an innovative tool for monitoring heart health.


This episode of Healthy AF offers valuable insights into the complexities of heart health, emphasizing the importance of understanding and managing stress. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of heart disease beyond traditional metrics.

Episode Minute By Minute Recap:

2:15 – The Genesis of a Heart Attack: Dr. Stephen’s Journey

Exploring Dr. Stephen Hussey’s personal story, uncovering the events and factors that led to his first heart attack, despite his seemingly healthy lifestyle.

7:48 – Debunking Heart Health Myths

A deep dive into common misconceptions about heart health, challenging traditional views and highlighting lesser-known risk factors.

10:29 – The Hidden Dangers of Seed Oils

Investigating the problematic nature of seed oils in relation to heart health, and how these commonly used ingredients may negatively impact cardiovascular wellbeing.

15:55 – Electrons: The Unsung Heroes of Heart Health?

Discussing the intriguing theory that a lack of electrons in the body might contribute to heart disease, and the science behind this concept.

27:55 – Vulnerable Plaque and Stents: A Standard Procedure Questioned

Examining the concept of unstructured or vulnerable plaque and questioning the standard medical practice of inserting stents following cardiac events.

39:11 – Life with a Stent: Dr. Stephen’s Personal Experience

Sharing Dr. Stephen Hussey’s personal experiences and side effects following his stent implant, offering a unique patient perspective.

43:33 – Contradictions in Recovery: Exercise and Medical Advice

Exploring the contrasting medical advice Dr. Stephen received during his recovery, including his exercise regimen at the hospital and its impact.

55:58 – The Heart’s Remarkable Ability to Heal

Highlighting the natural and resilient healing process of the human heart, underscoring the body’s remarkable capacity for recovery.

11:11:00 – Rediscovering the Root Cause of Heart Disease

Delving into the journey of re-evaluating and understanding the fundamental causes of heart disease, beyond conventional wisdom.

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